Treatment technical support

All questions concerning orders are accepted by the technical support service (TSS) only through the support center in your personal cabinet (billing system)

Rules for contacting technical support

  1. TSS manages, control over the work of the technical equipment and system software, provides adequate Customer service within the limits imposed by the Treaty, as well as the processing of customer requests.
  2. Each application has a priority execution. The customer sets the priority of the application according to the following rule:
    • high-used only in cases of extreme necessity, if unavailable virtual web server customer.
    • average-technical problems that the customer can't solve by themselves.
    • low-questions, requests, suggestions and anything else that is not included in the other priorities.
  3. The following steps are performed by the TSS application only in the administration by: AMS
    • remove any information customer;
    • change any passwords to access the resources of the customer;
  4. All applications should be sent by an e-mail in WINDOWS-1251 encoding or KOI8-R, or UTF-8 characters in the area previously designated encodings in format defined by RFC 822. Changes in server configurations are made only on the basis of written applications via communication channels.
  5. All applications are processed in order of receipt. The maximum period of application processing - 12 hours. If the client doesn’t receive any messages in 72 hours, the application will clouse automatically.
  6. Applications are processed on a priority basis with a priority of "high".
  7. Applications through other ways (email, chat, skype, phone, etc) are not processed.
  8. TSS is not obligated to provide advice on issues not related to the provision of services to the Executive Director. Such consultations can be provided on an additional agreement.
  9. Responses to standard, frequently asked questions, can be issued in the form of links to the appropriate page of instructions on a WEB http://host Executive Director or to the appropriate pages on your site support service, sites, software developers.
  10. The performing application may be denied for the following main reasons:
    • the absence of any information, if authorization is necessary;
    • requirement to provide services not conforming to the contract;
    • in the case of blocking delivery of services.
  11. When processing of application was sent by e-mail, the executor is not liable for the operability of the mail services of third parties.
  12. In the case of claims to fulfil Customer requests may complain to the leadership of the Executive Director by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The complaint must indicate the request number of hits in the STF, which claims arose. Response to the claim is sent to the leadership of the Executive Director to the customer not later than two working days after the submission of the claim.


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For technical support write requests in billing tickets