Suspension and deletion of services

Automatic service suspension

Dedicated servers and VDS which are not renewed for the next period are automatically suspended by management system. In the self-service portal specified due date of each service. It is at 00 hours 00 minutes of the due date (time zone UTC, GMT+0) service is extended for the next period (with automatic renewal enabled in the service properties and the required amount is available in the user’ account). Otherwise service is suspended.

Service removal

Services automatically blocked by the management system are automatically deleted after a certain time. For dedicated servers the service deletion period is 3 days (72 hours) since the service was suspended. For VDS the service deletion period is 7 days (168 hours). After the specified period, the service is competely removed (hard disks of dedicated servers are wiped out, VDS disk images are deleted, IP addresses are set as unused). Services and accounts suspended due to significant violation of the terms of service (spamming, botnets, forbidden content, illegal actions) can be removed within 12 hours after shutdown of specified server.

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