What is forbidden (short)


  1. Placement of adult content  pornography), including links to it, erotica, including references to it, advertising containing erotic and pornographic scenes.
    Accommodation IRC services.
  2. Accommodation at variance with the laws placing countries (Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, USA), the laws of copyright and related rights, as well as violating generally accepted norms of morality and ethics.
  3. Accommodation software for mass mailings and messages, botnets, Grabing, phishing, other purposes, explicitly contradicting the legal work on the Internet.
  4. Placing public proxy, Open VPN,and other public services (including fee-paying or private access), which can serve as aids for illegal actions on the Internet.
  5. Placing reverse proxy, reverse proxy traffic to third-party resources.
  6. Any mining, any crypto-currency, both on virtual servers (VPS / VDS) and on dedicated ones.

If any of these items, the VDS blocked without warning, the funds are non-refundable .

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