The Host for NET team is engaged in the promotion of IT-technologies and knowledge for all people who are interested in the development of scientific and human progress in all spheres of humanitarian policy.  We provide our computing power on voluntary charitable terms:

1. Each person who donates to our team receives a proportional gratitude in access to our resources, as it is, for a limited time - a month or more, if the registered person in our billing system (https://bill.host-for.net/billmgr) indicated a different period of charitable contribution.

2. It is allowed to use our capacities for the development of commercial projects.

3. We accept contributions in various currencies and payment systems in terms of rubles.

4. All received funds will be used for the maintenance and development of the Host for NET team and its technological platforms.

5. On the provided facilities it is strictly forbidden to place and use content that violates the legislation of European countries, the USA, Singapore, the Russian Federation, Ukraine.
A short list of bans can be found at https://host-for.net/en/what-is-forbidden

6. We have the zero tolerance for spam. Everyone who uses our resources is responsible for the: https://host-for.net/ru/reglament/antispam-policy 

7. All questions that arise can be resolved only in a ticket to the billing system at https://bill.host-for.net/billmgr 

8. Terms and Conditions may be updated and supplemented. Everyone should follow their updates before contributing charitable assistance to the project.

Largo do Carmo 7-2,
8000-148 Faro
For technical support write requests in billing tickets