Return Rules

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1. Funds can be returned under the following conditions:

  1. Providing objective arguments of poor quality service depending on our service
  2. The service was used at least 1 month

2. Return Policy:

  1. The Name and Surname of payment systems coincide with a name of registration in billing (
  2. Returns it is maybe carried out only on following payment systems:
    - cards: Visa, MasterCard, Mir (Мир)
    - walet Yoomoney (Юмани)
    - walet WebMoney
    - PayPal
  3. Return is carried out minus the resources used (day of use) and less the commission for transferring the payment system (3%-7%)
  4. To return amounts of more than $ 15 or at the rate, it is necessary to write a written application with the reason for the full name of the name, payment details and signatures. Scan (take pictures) and send the system to the ticket.
  5. For the amounts of more than $ 100, the return is possible only upon receipt of a written statement by traditional mail at:
    Host for NET, Oleksandr Nesterenko, Rua Francisco Sa Carneiro, Lt.3, 3 esq, 3430-048 Carregal do Sal, Portugal
    With the mandatory description set out in clause 2.4. Refunds will be made only after receiving the letter..

3. Return is not possible:

  1. A violation of the regulations was recorded (spam, illegal content, illegal use of resources, use of resources for mining)
  2. If access to ours to resources is blocked or maybe provided on our fault. For example blocking IP of the address by the provider, breakages on the main lines outside of limits of our service (outside date-center of service)
  3. Access Blocked in Turkmenistan
  4. If the payment was made in cryptocurrency.
  5. No application has been received indicating the reasons and data specified in the Refund Rulles 2.4
  6. Force Majeure

 Host for NET co

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3040 Limassol
For technical support write requests in billing tickets